Brain Teasers are one of the favourite types of puzzles. They are fun to solve and are challenging in there own unique way. Below are some classic brain teasers that you can try to solve and share with your friends as well.

Cut the Cake

Is it possible to cut the cake in 8 equal pieces with only 3 straight cuts?

Use two cuts to divide the cake into four equal pieces (quarters). For the third cut, cut the cake in half, horizontally. Some pieces may not have any icing, but their size will be equal.

Manhole Covers

Manhole covers for sewer drains are typically circular in shape (the ones that are removable anyway). This shape has an important advantage over a square or rectangular shape. Can you figure out what that is?

There is no risk of a circular manhole cover falling through the hole as would be the case for a square or rectangular shape which could slide through the diagonal. Another small advantage is that a round manhole cover can be rolled.

Gold Box

There are 3 boxes in a room. One of the box has Gold in it and other 2 are empty. A message is printed on each box, out of which one of the message is true and other two are lies.

First Box says “The Gold is not here”

Second Box says “The Gold is not here”

Third Box says “The Gold is in the Second Box”

Which box has the Gold?

Gold is in First Box

Two Fathers and Two Sons

Two Fathers and Two Sons walk into a ice cream parlour. They each buy something for Rs. 50 but they only spent Rs. 150. How is that possible?

One grandfather, One father and One son makes two fathers and two sons.

What is it?

Poor people have it.

Rich people need it.

If you eat it you die.

What is it?

Poor people have Nothing
Rich people need Nothing
If you eat Nothing you die.

Hence, it is Nothing.