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In a business, it’s very important to know and understand what your customers and prospects want. For example, if you’re planning to launch a specific feature in your product and you want to know whether it’s really worth to launch that or not, then you can ask your customers that is it really worth putting effort. Alternatively, you can basically start with a list of feature and directly ask customers to choose one and then you can work on the one which is most popular.

Such ways can help you to make business decisions and without market study & customer feedback and involvement, it’s disastrous to make any decisions.

One of the most popular ways is to create a QuickPoll on your website. Polls are been there since a very long time and it’s a convenient way for you (as a Business Owner) and for the customer as well because it’s quick! Customer doesn’t like to feel lengthy surveys with tons of questions. So, QuickPoll focus is on letting the user submit the feedback quickly and poll owner can simply log in and check reports. Having a QuickPoll on your website gives the user the flexibility to submit their opinion at their own convenience.

Features of QuickPoll

  1. Super Easy 3-Step process to start your poll
  2. Use the same poll widget on multiple websites to get feedback
  3. Get instant reports in the Dashboard
  4. Create multiple poll widget for multiple sites
  5. No limits on the poll widget
  6. Customize your widget look and feel

You can check out the QuickPoll Demo here as well (bottom right corner). That’s a QuickPoll Widget! 🙂

Would you like to get started with this? Here is a link to register and create your QuickPoll –

In case if you just want to note this down for now, but you don’t have a notes app? No problems, you can create one in your WhatsApp itself! Check out this cool trick to do it – Notes in WhatsApp

Update – 14 March 2020

Now you can add a link to your poll widget, simply by using an anchor tag of HTML.

anchor tag example

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