Ever faced frustration of someone just adding to random groups and you simply can’t do anything but just go through the pain of deleting the group!

Finally! We have a feature in WhatsApp who can help us to get rid of this trouble completely. Now, you can choose who can add you to WhatsApp groups.

Below are the steps you can perform in order to enable this feature:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your phone, then goto Settings -> Privacy -> Groups
  2. Tap on Groups, here you can select one of the option which suits you the best.
    • Everyone – Anyone on WhatsApp can add you to a WhatsApp Group.
    • My Contacts – Only numbers in your contact list can add you in a WhatsApp Group without a manual invitation.
    • Nobody – It will stop everyone from adding you to a WhatsApp Group without a manual invitation.

It’s a great addition by WhatsApp to help person’s privacy and to get free of random peoples just adding you to crapping unknown groups.

Also if someone who is not in your contact list still wants you to add group, that someone can still manually send you invite which you can accept in order get added to the group. So, all genieue people can still use WhatsApp but now just with little extra step which is worth for this feature.