There are tons of WordPress themes available to either for free or for a charge. Usually, paid theme are better than free theme as they provides a ready made structure to begin, more options to customise the layouts and incase if you are not a tech savvy, then a tech support is always available for you. Themeforest is one of the best place to buy paid themes and there are around 12,000 WordPress themes available to buy on themeforest and numbers are increasing daily. So, it becomes difficult to pick one of it and you may invest lot of your time to choose which one to go with!

Choosing the right theme is very important as it gives shape to your website and usually you won’t change theme very often so choosing the theme becomes one of the important task in designing your website. Below are some do’s and don’ts which can help you out while searching for a theme.

1. Do choose a responsive theme

Recent studies suggest that apart from Desktop & Laptop, people are using Mobiles & Tablet as well to visit website and the number of users using Mobiles are increasing rapidly so you should make sure that incase if someone is looking at your website from their phone, it should work without any hiccups. Your website should work seamlessly on all major devices like Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones. Most of the WordPress themes now a days offer this by default, but make sure you do a check before buying or working on it.

2. Don’t choose a fanatical theme

It’s good to have quality features in your theme but its a very bad practice to have unnecessary features in your theme. Keeping non-required features activated on your website may hit you hard in long run, as that can slow down your website, affect the performance (like loading of website) and many more issues can come up. Always keep your website cluttered free, make sure you disable the plugins / features that you don’t want on your website.

3. Do make a list of features required

Before even proceeding towards search for theme, you should make a list of features that you need to have in your website. Try to make a list with priority so that you can take a decision if some features are required or not at later stage. Most of the marketplace, provides option to filter what kind of themes you want, so make sure you use that option to get the best possible theme.

4. Don’t proceed without testing thoroughly

It is one of the crucial step in choosing the theme because you may find the theme absolutely useless if its not matching your feature list. It will be a total waste of time and energy if testing of theme is not done properly. So, make sure you go through each and every feature list and test it out with the demo provided by the theme developer and also ask pre-sale question if you have any doubt. In themeforest, you can put your comment on the product page and someone from the developer’s team will respond to you. Try to get the majority of your requirements satisfied before going forward.

5. Do keep color combinations in mind

Most of paid themes do allow changing of colors, but free theme may not. Make sure you connect with the developer of the theme and confirm this point before proceeding further. Choose the colors which matches your logo, ideally that’s the best practice to follow. You can use this wonderful tool, called Coolors, which can help you to get supporting / matching colors to your primary color.

Below are some portal which provide quality themes, you can check that out.




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