Get notified when your favourite item goes on Sale!

Items from ThemeForest, CodeCanyon and other Envato Market sites, often go on sale. That made me thinking how cool it would be if I can get notified when my favourite item goes on sale!

Sometimes some of the items on Envato Market sites go on a discount of as much as 50%. So, you can get a $59 theme for as low as $19.

After that, I started finding out such an existing app or website which can do that. And I realised that there is no such website in public reach. And that’s how ItemAlerts came into existence using which you can get notified when your favourite item goes on Sale!

Anyone can use this online tool to register and get alerts whenever the price of the item changes. It’s a very simple process, you enter the URL and register an account. You will automatically receive an email once the item goes on discount.

Excited to get started? Checkout GetAlerts now and get notified when your favourite item goes on Sale!

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If you’re an author on Envato Market or Elements, do check out the 3rd party apps which others have created using Envato API. Some of the popular apps are:

  • Ticksy – An impressive app for Support Portal
  • Envato Market – WordPress Plugin for Automated App Updates
  • Enscouto – Market research and analytics tool for Authors
  • and much more

Here is a list of all the Apps –

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